The Current Economic Crisis – Does the Elevation Group Have the Solution?

We cannot deny the fact that the world is in its toughest times as it continues to face the current economic crisis that has looming for quite some time and now fully coming to fruition. We hear of many countries having difficulties dealing with the crisis including the super power of the world – the United States of America (USA). Well, if the USA, the strongest economy in the world, is not exempt, than it is difficult to imagine any country being exempt. The United States of America has become too dependent on foreign support to boost its economy and strengthen its currency. Now that other countries are struggling and can see how dependent the the US has become, the countries are beginning to pull back on that support creating a dominoe effect. The bottom line is that we are in serious trouble and it is time to start preparing for this.

The Current Economic Crisis and the Elevation Group

Current Economic Crisis

Current Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis has forced individuals to search for nontraditional ways of investing their finances and protecting their investments. The traditional ways of investing in mutual funds and CDs is no longer a viable solution. In such individual, Mike Dillard, has been pounding the streets searching for what the wealthy are doing with their money during these touch economic times. The Elevation Group is a result of his findings. 

For those who are not yet familiar what this group is all about, the Elevation Group is actually a group that is sharing some secrets on how to maintain and grow your investments throughout this current economic crisis. You might think that there is no solution given the state of the the traditional routes of investment: real estate, stock market, and currencies, but the Elevation Group has found the solutions, some of which have been around for hundreds of years.

The Current Economic Crisis – Dealing with It Through the Elevation Group Strategy

According to the Elevation Group, any individual can survive the current economic crisis through following three basic steps:

  • Freeing yourself from debt 100%
  • Invest in assets like gold and silver
  • Finding ways to earn additional income

This is just the start of many other solutions the group discusses. These basis steps are not dependent on each other. In fact, getting yourself out of variable debt is what we are really talking about here. The fixed debt is actually going to worth a lot less once the dollars value begins to decrease. This may be difficult given the current economic crisis, but it is just the start of how to survive the current economic crisis.

The Current Economic Crisis – Is Investing the Answer?

The Elevation Group is sharing the “black box” investment technique that the wealthy are implementing right now to protect their wealth and finances. For those of you with all your investments in the stock market or real estate, it is time to start taking some action. 

Always remember that the current economic crisis cannot be resolved using the same methods that have been successful this past decade or two. We are in different times now. Take a look at what the Elevation Group has to offer by signing for a free webinar using the following link: The Elevation Group.

For additional reading on this subject, we recommend the following books:

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  3. The Coming Insurrection (Semiotext(e) / Intervention Series)
  4. The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression
  5. The Miracle of Freedom: Seven Tipping Points That Saved the World

The Current Economic Crisis – An Overview

When you hear of the term “crisis,” the first thing that may come to your mind is that it is something unpleasant and usually, because of the current news, connected to the economy. But do we really understand what an economic crisis is? Do you understand that the majority of economic analysts, both conservative and liberal believe that we are in an economic crisis? Do you know the reasons behind the current economic crisis? This is what this article will discuss.

Current Economic Crisis – A Brief Explanation

The current economic crisis has been stealing the news headlines for quite some time now. And from what has been reported, the situation is often triggered by a chain of events that affect every individual, family and business. One great example of this is the rise of the price of basic commodities; like wheat, sugar, corn, gold, and oil.

According to some economists, the increase in prices by these commodities is due to various factors like changes in the weather, rise of production costs, escalating war costs, and the increased costs of supporting the less fortunate. Others economists add on the way our governments have handled their currencies. As these situations continue to get worse this may cause some countries to print more money in order to cover their expenses. This continued cycle of printing money to cover expenses leads to inflation and ultimately a collapse of the currency if it does not get under control.

Current Economic Crisis- Its Effect to the Society in General

Current Economic Crisis

Current Economic Crisis

Whatever happens to the economy, it will have an effect on the individual. In fact, based on some surveys, the current economic crisis has made poor people poorer and rich people richer. This gives rise to the question, “Does the current economic situation only affect the average individual?” Well, the answer is no. All individuals, families and businesses can be affected by this  economic crisis. However, the impact might be not the same for everyone.

Some of the effects of the current economic crisis include unemployment as more businesses start to cut down on production and labor costs in order to survive the crisis and other businesses simply shut down their operations in order to survive. And because of the massive unemployment brought about by the current economic crisis, we have to consider the repurcussions of this on an already strung out government trying to meet its current obligations.

Current Economic Crisis – What is the Best Solution?

Knowing the fact that the current economic crisis has affected the whole world, finding the best solution seems to be a hard task. Countries like USA are not immune to this crisis. In fact, some say that this is actually where the whole thing started.  It is when the USA started to depend too heavily on imports, i.e, oil, that ultimately required extending its obligations beyond its means. But just like any difficult situation, there will always be a way to get through it especially if you are determined and prespared to do so.

It is important to understand that the current economic crisis might put everything you have at risk so it is important you discover ways to protect yourself, your family and your investments.

How to Deal With the Current Economic Crisis

We cannot deny the fact that the current economic crisis is affecting lots of people worldwide. You hear about it everywhere you go: in the news and in the newspapers. But one doesn’t really understand the effect it has on his or her life until he or she is personally affected by its ripples. Unfortunately, the impact of the current economic crisis may not come until it is too late to really do anything about it.

However, when you watch the news and hear that unemployment rate has once again increased and more businesses have closed shop, then you will begin to realize the crisis may affect your own personal finances unless something is done. So, the big question is this – “What must we do to survive the current economic crisis.”

Current Economic Crisis – Understanding the Basics

Current Economic Crisis

Current Economic Crisis

In order to determine what you need to do in situations like this, it is important to understand what the current economic crisis is and how it will affect your lives. Understanding these basics will help you determine the next steps that you take in order to protect yourself, your family and all your resources and investments. Unfortunately, the majority of us can’t even really rely on our current job to save us from this crisis because at anytime our company may decrease its labor force in order to survive the current economic situation

Current Economic Crisis- Where to Find the Answer?

Once you understand what the situation is and learn how it can affect you and the members of your family, the next thing that you should do is to look for solutions for protecting yourself and your finances. The ultimate key to survive the current economic crisis is definitely to protect your finances and strengthen your income. So how would you do this?

First of all, you should learn to spend less and save more. It is always best to save because you never know if you will still have a job tomorrow or in the days to come. Additionally, you might consider learning some new skills so you have a fallback. It will always be a good idea to enrich yourself with different skills and try new things. Working from home is also something that you could consider as well.

Current Economic Crisis- Is Working at Home a Solution?

There is always a way to make a little extra money or take more control of your life no matter the situation. As proof, as a result of this current economic crisis online jobs have become much more prevalent. This might be because of the fact that lots of people that have lost their job stayed at home and spend most of their time in front of their computers. Or, it may be that individuals are learning new skills to have a fallback in these tough economic times. Regardless, can we consider this the ultimate solution to the current economic crisis?

Well, it might not be the ultimate solution, but obviously it has become a great help to lessen unemployment and alleviate poverty. We can safely say that the current economic crisis has also enabled the discovery of these online jobs that are now helping a lot of people.

There is no single solution to survive the current economic situation, but it will take great courage, determination and hard work to survive.

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